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July 21, 2009

How Check backlinks

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You are a Web Master and you have the need or curiosity to know what has Backlink your website? Just make a search on the search engine and come out there galore, but among those present there are few useful and reliable, among them we would appoint, easy, direct and complete. Just enter your URL and a few seconds (depending on the popularity of the site), give you a complete list of all domains that contain a link to your site, with much of the page, but not all, of the various functions of this site, we can classify our Backlink Family of IP addresses.

In the commandments of S.E.O. are the entries “get Backlink from different IP” or “get Backlink sites theme” and so on, all this can be kept under control through this useful tool, so you can justify an increase or decrease your PageRank than the time sweaty search engine rankings.

I invite you to save it in your favorites, whether out of curiosity or to monitor the performance of your network of sites, although the days of today a link popularity may be outdated, but a good link from a site theme is always a good “push”.

July 17, 2009

Create a video with your photos

Author: admin - Categories: Web Design

Back from vacation, we still have to catalog our photos, retouch,
discard those we do not like and then make a CD and take them in print.
But how can we do a summary as to see our friends? Maybe a movie with
all of our shots and a soundtrack? There’s Animoto!

web-based, then we should not install anything, just upload our photos
and select the soundtrack and you’re done! The upload is very fast, the
only flaw is in the time of rendering, but the result is amazing!

This application was created by film industry professionals and tools
to use the animation never seen until now, namely that there seems to
return a movie made by a trader, the beauty is that we can get it in
our iPhone, shared in the social network or burned and were included in
our blog.

Everything is free if we do not have special needs,
and can choose to pay $ 3 a video or $ 30 for unlimited use, but it is
a ridiculous expense for what it offers!

May 13, 2009

Stefano Rome Tours, Travel Agency in Italy

Author: admin - Categories: Travel

Born in Rome Stefano Rome Tours, detachment of the company known, RomeCabs. This new company was created with the intention of devoting themselves exclusively to tourist activities in Italy, offering its customers solutions “special”, not the usual service driven by people without passion and profession, but the solutions according to the needs of the market and conducted by tourism professionals. Tour in rome from civitavecchia

The StefanoRomeTours seeks to convey its message attrevesto portal powered by BeNegative, providing a detailed description of each service, describing each route until you get to the costs and any additional services. As can be seen in the portal, has chosen a graphic light, mixing warm colors to convey the warmth of our beautiful country, and cold colors, to communicate professionalism and transparency of services. Each card services is divided into categories, allowing visitors to view material such as interactive video, images, but above all see the entire route through the technology offered by Google Maps, in case of doubt, you may request the intervention of staff completing the Inquiry form.

Wine Tasting Tour from Rome
To conclude the overview of the strengths of the portal, reveal the most popular service by customers, the customer feedback, a useful tool to help future clients the professionalism of the staff of the company in question, highlighting strengths and defects through a vote of one to five.

March 27, 2009

Auto Limousine Italiana

Author: admin - Categories: Travel
Limousine prestigious agency situated in the ancient city Etrusca, Cerveteri. It differs from many agencies of its own field for the availability from the port of Civitavecchia, the quality of services and facilities offered.

Their services, in addition to the magnificent tour of the Etruscans, the Italian car limousine offers a service for women only, with driver and personal shopper woman woman for any advice on what to buy.

The fleet of Auto Limousine Italiana is made by Mercedes Viano Extralong, equipped with every comfort, such as LCD screens, mini bar, air conditioning etc.. Also has other vehicles on request.

Visit the site

March 16, 2009

WeFollow: Twitter directory

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WeFollow is an excellent directory of Twitter users.

The service monitors those sites for information and more followed by a bunch of categories: celebrity, blogger, music, news, actors, politicians and more.

You can also search through the categories tag. Any Twitter user can be added by sending a reply to @ wefollow and 3 by entering tags or by clicking directly on the button Add yourself to Wefollow be logged into Twitter. You can also send a message to be indexed under multiple tags.

In short, there is in WeFollow whole twittersfera at hand. The site represents a good opportunity to add characters to be important to our account without having to seek damages simply by browsing the various classifications.

Free ranking of the Top Twitterer worldwide.

March 7, 2009

Listen Music, Watch Videos and Read Lyrics with UpMusicStar

Author: admin - Categories: Technology

You are in the office and want to hear your favorite song? Have you bought tickets for a concert and want to see the lives of the artist in question and want to learn the lyrics to a scream pierces the throat? No more wasting time in-depth research and then lost in the myriad of fake websites, sponsors and full of dirt, because of the genius have created enclosed in a single portal with everything you need for a fan of music, and is called is able to find music, videos and lyrics in the word wide web without much research. So if you are a friend and want a little leisure with good music, you only need this site to spend your free time.

February 22, 2009

The Italy Airport Limousine

Author: admin - Categories: Travel

Italy Airport LimousineBorn in Rome Italy Airport Limousine, a company dedicated to the transport of luxury for all passengers direct in “Bel Paese”. The Italy Airport Limousine specializes in the transfer from the main Italian airports, such as Fiumicino, Malpensa, Linate, towards the main capitals of art, or in the allocation request by the customer. It differs from other rental companies for their special services, such as transport by helicopter, private jet and yacht charter, in addition to these means, the Italy Airport Limousine has a staff capable of organizing tours all over Italy with guides certified , hostess, and on request also Bodyguard. Their fleet is composed only of high-level vehicles like Mercedes, Cadillac, etc.. able to offer a service from 2 to 50 passengers with their baggage, and every vehicle is equipped with TV-DVD, drinks and air conditioning.

Visit Italy Airport Limousine

February 1, 2009

From Civitavecchia Cruise to Rome Tour

Author: admin - Categories: Travel

Do you like an incredible long tour with other 50 people : taking the bus from the pier, go to Rome, with no time to stop for a question, no time for shopping or buying a postcard, risking of loosing your group only because you’ve stop 2 minutes for a restroom, then walk for about 8 hours and at the end, exausted, take the bus for the way back ? NO THANKS ! With much less of the same money you could spent for the Bus Tour, you can take a personal Tour-Guide, a Luxury Mini-Van and see the 70% more of Rome, instead of taking a bus.
IT’S POSSIBLE with Rome Connection and it’s easy ! We offer a From Cruise ship tour in Rome.
Think about it: the Cruise line usually ask you 80/100 euro per person for making a Tour with the Bus, WE ask you 65 euro per person (8 people minimum) with all comforts and the time you need to have a great memory of Italy. NO RUSH FOR US !
The deal for us is to make our clients happy and relaxed while making the Roman Forum or the Colosseo, The Vatican Museum or the Trevi Fountain, or Pompei Scavi or the David of Michelangelo in Florence … this is a vacation ! Sometimes people need another vacation after they turned back home…with us you’ll want to come back asap !

January 22, 2009

The Cide – The Comic 2.0

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At the dawn of a new era, that of 2.0, the Web is beginning to adapt and to propose solutions ever more opportunities related to this new concept of communication.
In that sense, one of the most striking innovation and interactivity is The Cide … 2.0 on a comic full rule.
Noir atmosphere, attractive graphics and a story that proceeds to throw more and more courts are being shipped and for a growing number of people an explosive mixture of creativity and entertainment, all seasoned by a key ingredient, perfectly described by the word “free” .
Already winner of the American Design Awards, The Cide seems intended to talk about if all over the web.

Read the 2nd Episode of The Cide

January 11, 2009

Google: PageRank Update Completed!

Author: admin - Categories: Search Engine

Precisely at the end of 2008, Google, the search engine more popular by surfers the world wide web, we wanted to give the much-awaited update of the PageRank. Already hinted in late November, but with the return from Christmas holidays, by logging into Google Webmaster Tools, I noticed this increase in PR sites younger. I would like to say that the update was more generous than the previous ones in the history now, and also all the more experienced SEO recall the dramatic upgrade of PR is that dell’argoritmo nomitato “BigDaddy” dell’ormai away October 2005. Finally, I want to clarify that this update has been confirmed by the pioneer of Mountain View: Matt Cutts.

P.S. Invitation to all those who still have failed to install the much useful google bar in your browser in order to see the PageRank of your web pages, or you can use the Page Rank Checker Free online.